Milestone: We've hit 1500+ paying customers

We've recently hit 1500+ paying customers from 50 countries across the world. To celebrate the occasion, our newest intern Himanshu (he's been in office for only a day) created an awesome logo for Visual Website Optimizer that the team just fell in love with. 

Thinking of the journey so far, our CEO Paras grew wistful, dropped a tear of joy and then headed straight to Facebook to let the world know how he feels. Here's the quote picked direct from his update:

"We hit a new milestone at Wingify: 1500+ paying customers! The journey in the last 2.5 years has been like a thunderous rush you feel during your first white river rafting trip. You are untrained but it's fun, challenging and full of adrenaline rush. Starting from a blank PHP file with the first few lines merely being include_once('config.php') to present day's world-class product, happy team and thousands of satisfied customers, all the while quietly saying NO to VCs and angels, I feel a tremendous joy. May this awesome journey continues with the great friends I have at work (@Sparsh Gupta, Kushagra Gour, Ankit Jain, Anuj Bansal, Siddhartha Saxena, Siddharth Deswal, Vaidik, Hariom, Shweta, Ankit Sinha, and many future ones)"