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My Life Revolves Around Wingify | Humans of Wingify

July 1, 2021

In this edition of Humans of Wingify, we have employee number 17, proud and self-proclaimed brand ambassador of Wingify, Ms. Venus Duggal. As unique as her name, this powerhouse has a story that pretty much revolves around Wingify, and her family agrees to it too.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I did my schooling and my graduation from Delhi. Since the beginning of my education history, I have been typecast as a studious girl. However, I am very social. For that matter, if I don’t hear my team members’ voices for long, I just call them up and ask for their deets. I’ve always wanted to achieve things in my life. About my interests, I like exploring different things. Be it a new city or a new café in Delhi, I like knowing about new things.

Tell us how Wingify happened in the first place.
Wingify came to my college for college placements for the profile of support engineer. Given my history of academic achievements, people expected me to go for a software engineer profile, not for support. I didn’t know the concept of A/B Testing neither did I know much about being a support engineer. But I gave it a go anyway.I sat for the selection process in the drive where there were more than 10 interviews. However, when the results got out, I found out that I was the only one from my campus who got selected. I was also one of the first female support engineers in the team. I was elated!Fresh out of college, I was often treated like a child at the office. I was made to feel comfortable and that is where I started admiring Wingify. As I started with my training, I got a buddy assigned and that was when I got to know Harinder. There’s a story behind that also. So ever since then, we have been best of friends. There have been so many instances in my life, both on professional and personal fronts, that can be attributed to Wingify.

How have the past 7 years been for you? 
I’d say it has been a rollercoaster ride because it was not a smooth sail in any possible way. Given the introduction to the journey, I’d say I learned and I performed. And Wingify provided me with that platform. If not six, then I’ve worked under five managers during my entire journey where I learned their positives and incorporated them in my journey. Even as I am reporting to Sparsh, I did pick up his go-to-phrase ‘aligned at the moment’ among other things. I even got to work under Ankit Jain. He was managing me a few years back where he told me that he could see that I could manage a team well. That is where I got a hold of this opportunity. However, it was not that I got a designation. Rather it was more towards ‘prove yourself and take it’. The kind of responsibility and trust that I have witnessed, that’s what I dearly treasure here.


What is Wingify for you?
I admire my journey here. I love being associated with Wingify and always tell Sparsh and Paras about it. On the same lines if I think something is not going in the right direction, I am probably the first one who just bluntly goes and says about how this might not be working out.Other than this, one thing that I always tell people during the interviews also is that if you have a will to learn and if you have a will to grow, this is the place for you. I can’t give a better example than myself. I’ve seen things up close. 

How’s your WFH experience been? 
I can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were before so that I can meet people. Even now I keep following up with Sparsh about it. I mean, back in the day, when I would get sick, you’d have found me in the office. Even though I might not work that day, I’d just help around. Until and unless it was regarded as extreme and I’ve been told off by the doctor, you’d find me at work. So that’s been the tough part around here.As for the remote setting, the silver lining that came out of it was, I’ve become organized. Having a schedule has helped me pull through the day and the productivity rate has been increasing. But I still miss seeing faces around me.  

An instance that unexpectedly altered your life.
Wingify has mysterious ways of changing your life. So we went to Phuket for our last international trip. We stayed there for 4-5 days. For that period, I barely removed my lenses. We would sleep for 2 hours and then be off to doing something in the city. That was the norm throughout the trip.Now when the fun wore off and reality set in, my eyes started to hurt, bad. I had several visitations but the ophthalmologists were unable to identify the problem. It went on for several months until a consultation which indicated something that I dreaded the most.All in all, the scariest procedure of all, LASIK surgery was my calling. Due to prolonged usage of lenses, I had developed the problem of dry eyes. And if it weren’t for the trip, I would still be using my high-powered glasses. So there’s that. 

What is your Daily Ritual?
Prioritizing, period.
As I mentioned before, there’s a lot to do and a lot of things are offered to everyone. There have been times when I’d get overwhelmed due to the things that I’d take up and then freak out over whatever I had to do. So prioritize based on your learning and the impact it’d have over the things planned. 

Suggestions for people around you for growth.
Do what you enjoy. Don’t do something just for the sake of it. I’ve seen people getting a hold of a job and not being able to do justice to it. Until and unless you’re able to find the passion for your work, you won’t be able to justify your way through it. Explore things. It’s all about exploring for me. Be it on the professional or personal front. I believe that the world has a lot to offer. You can’t stop at any point. Even if I were to consider my case, I wouldn’t restrict myself to things that are already on my plate.

Thank you for speaking to me, Venus. It was a pleasure to be able to talk to you about your passion for the company as well as for your interests!
*virtual handshake*

About the author:
Manvi Sharma is an Internal Communications Intern at Wingify. She is pursuing Business Economics (Hons) from the University of Delhi, (read: the class of google classroom’21). As for her interests, she likes to sing and play string instruments. You name it, she has pestered her dad to buy it and then eventually cased it because of the work schedule, which is sad. She also develops monthly interests in a lot of things and tries to keep the activities to stick by until it is all juiced out. Apart from the mindless scrolling on Instagram, she mentors people to be good at public speaking. Her socials: Instagram Linkedin

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