Engineering Team’s weekend getaway to Jim Corbett!

October 19, 2015

The Engineering Team at Wingify recently headed out to Jim Corbett for a weekend getaway. The 24 engineers had a great time poking fun at each other, playing dumb charades, showing off their moves in the form of ‘Nagin’ dance and generally chilling out in the serene resort.

The team went to the luxurious Ramganga Resort (don’t go by the name). They had a great time swimming and playing cricket, volleyball, badminton and football. It couldn’t have gotten better with the scrumptious food and the picturesque view next to the Ramganga river. 

The highlight of the trip was Amit (our in-house product manager) who spent most of the time sleeping (read: alone). Srikant and Vivek scarred other engineers for life by breaking into a ‘Nagin’ dance while the resort staff refused to serve our talented team any more nimbu pani.

Good times to continue…

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