Friday engineering fun @Wingify: talks & hackathon!

May 6, 2013
Friday Evening was an engineering bliss at Wingify. We had our first ever Hackathon at Wingify office!

Look at how excited Rohit (above) looks like when he’s trying to hack an Arduino powered alcohol sensor. Many projects that were done in the evening that started at 9pm and ended at 6:30am:

Sparsh and Rohit started on building a 4x4x4 LED cube. 

Kushagra deployed an official Wingify IRC server and chatroom, he also built bots that hang out there:

Paras and Sparsh worked on a minimum viable product with just a landing page right now:

Other highlights of the Hackathon:

  • Shweta worked on an event based git checkin hooks which would push commit info to our irc bot
  • Deep was learning JS, Python which is fun
  • Rohit fooled around with a nose test driven Pythonic implementation of ‘ramukaka’.
  • Kush also worked on an IRC bot that tells your emotions by your twitter status. How cool?

Friday Engineering talks at Wingify!

Just before the hackathon, we had our regular Friday engineering talk where Rohit gave an introduction to Phabricator, how to use Arcanist to do code reviews, audits and other miscellaneous topics!

It’s engineering nirvana at Wingify. Beer, FIFA, Pizzas & arguments around coding, Thank God its Friday!!

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