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A spring-summer reading list from Wingify Design team

April 3, 2017


March just got over. With all the holi revelry behind us, we’ve now stepped in April. Most parts of India are now bracing themselves for the upcoming hot months and some of us are already dreaming of monsoons.

However, there’s still time for us to smell the sweet petrichor and most of us are happy staying indoors and reading.

In March, the product and design teams shared a lot of interesting articles on various topics. Here are some that we really liked.

1. We read about how to pair typefaces and learnt how to categorise them into six major categories.

2. We dug the concept library where a bunch of concepts were showcased for easy direction.

3. We played around with Emblem that takes a brand name and pushes out logotypes. It just feels neat to see your products visualised in different logotypes.

4. We played around with a new prototyping tool in the market, Kite

5. Algolia launched a cool library of UI widgets and we <3 it

6. Perhaps march was the month of new launches. We also tried this CAD-inspired design tool focused on the unique constraints of UX/UI design.

7. We read the Tactical Design Critique, a method of design critique at Medium and did our every first TDC for one of our products this month.

8. Font awesome did a pretty neat video on Kickstarter and we fell in love with it.

9. Smashing Magazine is launching a redesign and it didn’t go unnoticed by us.
10. And we learnt a bit on how to take better breaks.
Finally, although we don’t use them much here, it never hurts to watch the birth of a fresh new dugout canoe!

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen from Northmen on Vimeo.

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