Wingify Milestones

Another milestone in the history of Wingify

July 4, 2012

We’ve grown and how!! After only about 2 years of starting up, we now have 1400+ customers, have been profitable from day 0 and things are only looking up. Today is another milestone in the history of Wingify. Our processes are slowly taking shape and all employees of Wingify just received their first appointment letters. Which means we’ll soon have provident fund accounts and actual documents to show to people who ask “so what do you do?”

That’s an interesting situation faced by most startup employees, we’re regularly asked the question by friends, family and loads others. If the startup is not in the media spotlight and kind-of unknown, the only answer you have is a 😐 face followed by some semblance of an explanation. You stutter, fumble and try to come up with a coherent sentence that describes all your responsibilities.
And then you get the “Yeah right” look 🙂



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