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The tale of the hamster that powers Visual Website Optimizer servers

July 6, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a thin, starved hamster trapped in a Jungle that was rapidly shrinking due to human actions. On an beautiful, breezy Saturday evening, our very own cheerful Kushagra was strolling by when his eye landed on a hamster that was cringed in a corner, crying all alone out of hunger. Needless to say,  being an emotional and loving person, Kush picked it up and decided to adopt it as a pet. Kush took it home and fed it vegetables that his brother grows on their home’s terrace. Hamster felt happy and satiated, and regained its health. It even said Kushagra in its own language. (Its exact words: gush-mush).

On Monday, to show off his latest pet, Kushagra brought the hamster to office where no one had any clue how hamster really looked like, so on hearing the story everyone assumed that the hamster was still hungry and it was fed with lots of chips, a hamburger and some coke (not diet). Slowly and steadily the team helped fatten up the hamster. Nobody named hamster anything, because it was the only hamster they had seen in their entire lives. So it was decided hamster will be called hamster only, and nothing else (like tommy, tiger, sheru, etc.)
All the eating put a metaphorical fire in the hamster’s belly and it became so energetic that it started running all around the office creating a minor havoc. By chance, it jumped over one of the servers we have. This sparked a brilliant idea inside Kushagra’s mind: to ‘channelize’ his energies, why not use him to power our servers. This would be a great value add for Wingify and environment (since we will be using environmentally friendly in house generated electricity). Everyone readily agreed to this one-in-a-lifetime idea.
Since that day, the hamster singlehandedly has been doing the job of loading all our users webpages into the Visual Website Optimizer editor. It told us how proud it feels about this job (his exact words: lush-nush-dush) Amazingly, it never tires and never gets bored.  We’re very happy for the hamster and hope our association lasts very long 🙂

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