PushCrew’s visit to Online Retailer Conference, Sydney

July 28, 2016

Last week, four Wingifighters returned from their 3-day trip to Sydney, Australia, where VWO and PushCrew were participating. 

It was Shubham’s first visit to Australia and being a self-confessed newbie to conferences, he had quite a few memorable experiences. Here is the post on his experience attending the Online Retailer Conference. 

So I was given an opportunity to represent [email protected] Retailer Conference, Sydney. I had never been to Australia before – the only two things I could closely relate to were the Kangaroos ( all salesmen need a big pouch to store big money from big enterprises. 😉 ) and the boxing day test matches between India and Australia which I had grown up watching.

I had the option to travel to Australia via Ma****ian Airlines but didn’t want to spend time in the other part of the world so I chose the safer option (pun intended). Like the life of a technology startup’s sales guy, the journey just had to be Zig-Zag – I traveled north from Pune to Delhi, went west to Abu-Dhabi and then finally landed in Sydney. 

On reaching Sydney, we met Disha (CSM VWO) and Bhavan (Sales VWO) and most of the night went on listening about their experiences of Melbourne and clients visits. Disha even got a parting gift. (wish I was a CSM :P)

Day0: So just a day before the conference , we had to go for setting up the booth and that’s when I realised how much of an effort it is to set up an event of this scale but kudos to the guys at the conference. These guys were hardcore professionals and that’s when I realised the concept of 5S.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5S_(methodology)

After setting up the booth, we headed out to Bondi Beach. It was a mesmerising experience.  A very clean and calm beach with surfers. I have to soon try out surfing but first I need to learn how to swim like a pro. 🙂 We also met Andy (VWO US) at the beach and headed out to Darling harbour for dinner. Post dinner, Andy, Bhavan and I had a discussion about the conference over a frame of pool.

P.S: You need to have a good appetite to finish up the portions that were served.

The D-Day: Conference started with a rainy day. Andy, my personal mentor, and RedBull, helped me understand quite a bit on how to approach delegates. Speaking to these conference delegates was a great experience. The great thing about an event of such scale is that you meet so many people with different ideas, different use-cases and different objectives which they wish to implement on the same product. Interacting with them gave me great exposure in understanding the deeper goals and challenges a business entity has. This will help Pushcrew immensely in providing them the most appropriate solution.

In the evening we headed out to an all Australian burger bar accompanied by a suicide sauce ( not that spicy for an Indian ) which I loved personally. 

Day 3: Last day at the conference was bursting at the seams with people and we ended up talking to a lot of prospects. Our handmade purses as a giveaway gift were welcomed by people with arms wide open.

We also got an invitation for an after party from one of the exhibitors but we ended up at Sydney Opera house. (most awaited moment) All of us were awestruck with the view. Love for desserts took us to KOI! Fan Moment 😛 

The night ended with some ghost stories and school/college time memories.Next day,  Disha and Bhavan headed to Brisbane for a couple of meetings wherein Kalyani and I bid adieu to Australia and headed back home 🙂

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