Who let the Wolves Out??

February 17, 2016

What happens when you let the ever-hungry (for business ;)) sales team out in the open with paint-filled guns? Utter chaos ensues! The team went to “The Paintball Co.”, located in a small suburb of Gurgaon sector 31.Dressed up in fatigues and scary masks, the otherwise charming women looked menacing enough (Charu & Sonam :D)

After heavy firing (no friendly fires, I tell you that much), drenched in paint and dirt, the team ventured out to greener pastures (for drinks and dinner). Pictures from the fun evening.

Next Stop: Underdogs Sports Bar located in Sector-43, Gurgaon The sales team ditched the India-Sri Lanka T20 match for some sporty fun at the Underdogs Sports Bar. Be it Pool, Jenga, Foosball, or Darts, the team left no spot unexplored and no game unchallenged. Bhavan and Vibhuti’s amazing Jenga team was enough to take the attention away from their awful pool skills. Kushal & Anmol battled it out in Foosball (and had their own who-could-run-the-bar-out-of-Mojitos competition going on.) 

Pravash and Bhuvan did try arm wrestling, before the table crumbled under their “Dhai-Dhai Kilo Ke Haath”Rohit, Bharat, and Deepak couldn’t get enough of the drinks; Sanjay, Shashank and Arjun were busy gulping down copious amount of food – all this under Raj’s beaming glance, playing the gratuitous host, as usual.

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