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Wingify ki Diwali

October 30, 2019

Every year, when October rolls in Delhi, one feels a shift in the breeze on their skin pores. The leaves turn yellow, orange, brown and the wind takes a different route — leaving a slight tingling cold on your nose.

That’s when you know Diwali is around the corner.

Even though one might not have a big role to play in the preparation of the festival, every other conversation around the lunch table invariably glides to Diwali. ‘When is Diwali?’ ‘It doesn’t feel like Diwali yet’ or the soaring airfares around Diwali.

For the Diwali preparation team, emails and Slack messages start getting exchanged more fervently — gifts need to be decided, food vendors need to be finalised, decor needs to be thought of — what could we do differently this time, what needs to kept close to the tradition – everything is up for discussion and debate.

And then, rolling in the due course of time, the Diwali day comes up on the calendar. Like every year, beautiful happy faces of the Wingify team start to fill in the decked up office, everyone is carrying the fresh smiles of seeing their colleagues in ethnic wear that is reserved only for Diwali. Like every year, there are countless photos that are clicked around the office rangolis and team selfies fill up our Slack channels.

Perhaps that’s what makes Diwali the talk of the town every year — the festival resides with one foot firmly in childhood nostalgia and one foot in the contemporary India. There’s something that reminds you of the past and something that is a marked change that you know is future.

Here are Diwali pictures from Wingify.

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