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Wingtern Diary: Rishabh’s internship experience

September 13, 2017
My name is Rishabh Shukla. I recently finished my two month internship at Wingify and it’s been quite a journey 😀

Itwas my summer break after the second year of college and I was looking for an internship and then Wingify happened!

My first interview happened over phone and then technical interview happened which was taken by Mr. Vivek Kishore. I was quite nervous during the interview but he told me to calm down and gave me confidence for the interview. It went well and I waited for the results. Next day I got a call that I got selected for the internship at Wingify and had to join the very next working day!

My First Day

My first day at Wingify was quite remarkable. As I entered the Delhi office, my jaw dropped.

The environment was astounding. The office was exquisite, well decorated and had all sorts of facilities. People were chit chatting and there was a remarkable vibe all around. That moment I knew that I would learn a lot from this place.

The People

From the beginning to the end of the internship, one person guided me at every step. His name was Mr. Swapnil Agarwal. He was like a mentor to me during the internship and understood all my concerns which were not all related to code. On the first day, he explained me what I was going to work on and was extremely helpful during the course of internship. He told me that learning is more important than anything and gave me new technologies work on. Other co-workers were also helpful and friendly in nature.
I’d like to thank all the people who assisted me when I needed help especially Swapnil sir.

My Work

I worked in the Backend department on several projects during the internship. I started off with developing SDK/Libraries for VWO Server-Side A/B Testing in languages like Node, PHP, Python and Java. Then I worked in VWO Mobile A/B Testing project and developed libraries/plugins for Hybrid Apps and React-Native. Some of my contribution also got into production, even though it was little and this made me delighted and gave me a confidence boost. I also got a chance to work with our CEO, Paras Chopra, on a project and was successful in doing a Proof of Concept over it.

The special thing about Wingify is that they appreciate even little contribution and unlike some companies, they indulge the interns in their projects. The kind of freedom and progressive office work culture here was overwhelming.

Things I loved here

  • The office timings are flexible and they value the work rather than the timings.
  • No specific dress code, so you can wear shorts and slippers if you like 😛
  • Full time snacks + lunch. They make sure you don’t go hungry ever.
  • Little celebrations that are made by the team (we recently celebrated the CRO Launch. yay!).
  • Engineering stand-ups that happen every week where all people from the engineering gather around and discuss the work they’ve done and the problems they faced.
  • Company Camps that happen on the first Friday of every month in which all other teams showcase the work they’ve done during the month followed by a party.
  • Gaming! Table Tennis, FIFA, Carrom and what not!

I don’t think that I could have had a better internship at any other place than Wingify. Such instances prove that Wingify is an amazing place to work and learn. The work culture is superb and fun activities are relishing. It’s been a pleasure to work here and I can’t wait to go back and work with the brightest minds in the country.

Thank you Wingify for an unforgettable experience!

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