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Our never ending love for Goa

November 4, 2017
Wingify engineering spends a monsoon weekend at the beach.

In the past years, we went to amazing places like Jim Corbett, Nepal, Kasol etc. This time, the team decided to travel Goa?—?the place where everyone plans to go but seldom do those plans come to fruition! We thought we would take up the challenge.

Organising a trip for a team of 45 people isn’t an easy task. But kudos to Chhavi, Hemkaran, Jatin, Nikhil and our Admin team, for their amazing efforts in making this trip possible. The team gathered together at the Delhi Airport for the big-fat selfie and off we headed for the holidays!

Now some might say that Goa isn’t a great destination during monsoon times, but fate was on our side as we hardly faced any problems due to rain. The weather was amazing and at the first night, the entire team was found chilling at the Baga beach. After a few rounds of beers and milkshakes, Wingifighters were joking around and sharing fond memories at the beachside.

The next morning found everyone heading off to explore Goa in various ways. Many a scooties and bikes were booked. Goa has fantastic roads and combined with the amazing weather, people made the most out of their adventures on the road here. We explored beaches like Anjuna, Calangute, Morjim, etc., rode quad bikes and tried hands on sand by creating mermaid.

Some of us wanted to see the famous Goan beaches immediately:

While some were more comfortable just relaxing at the resort.

At the evening, some of us tried their luck in casino. Of course, gambling in a casino is a quintessential thing to do when you’re here. We made our way to the Deltin Royale and had a fantastic time playing the odds.

Day 2 had quite a lot of adventures stored for us. From going back to the beach to going off to distant road trips to the Harvalem waterfall. This quietly nestled place is a hidden gem and less crowded, and is worth a trip. A few Wingifighters were digging the architecture and greenery of Goa.

Of course, not everything is so peaceful and quiet at Wingify as some of us went to Agoda fort and rushed towards Candolim beach. We were there for hours playing volleyball, having drinks (a lot of), singing songs… basically chilling in a nutshell.

Adios Goa, until next time!

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