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May 4, 2020

The Wingify ‘fun at work’ team organized a contest – ‘Chefs Of Wingify’ during the national lockdown period. The team members rolled up their sleeves and donned the hat of a chef. Everyone came up with innovative ideas and presented their dishes really well. In a country like ours, food is not just an activity. It is a social tradition and integral part of family gatherings and weekend catchups.

Even if the omelette looks like scrambled egg or the parantha seems like a country’s map, it’s the effort that matters the most! The idea is to engage oneself in an activity that’s both productive and therapeutic. Also, the lockdown buddies get happy, isn’t it? Wingifighters tried their hands on all types of cuisines, right from Indian food to the Gourmet dishes like crepes and quesadilla. Indian, Asian, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Continental, We had it all!

Here are the winning entries:

  • Donuts and Peri Peri Tornado Potato
  • The 30 minute Tandoori Chicken
  • Freshly baked cinnamon rolls

Some more entries of the dishes can be seen below. Other team members shared video clippings showcasing their culinary skills 😉

We’ll keep sharing more updates around the activities at Wingify, Stay tuned.

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