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Wingtern Diary: Shriyam Verma recounts his internship experience

June 9, 2020

Last year, in August 2019, Wingify came to our college for on-campus placements. It was one of the very first companies which came to my college. I researched the company and found the perfect match to my expectations. I applied for the position offered, and several elimination rounds followed. Clearing all of them, I got selected for an Engineering Intern role. I was the first one among my friends, so I felt ecstatic at the moment, receiving an offer from such a good company. 

My First Day at Wingify

Months passed, and here comes the day (3rd February 2020). My first day at Wingify was very momentous. The workplace was dazzling, very much enriched, and had a wide range of facilities. Everyone was talking, and there was a striking vibe all around. That second I realized that I would gain so much from this place. There I met Mr. Gaurav Nanda, and we discussed the projects that I’ve worked on in the past and the technologies I had explored. Based on my skill set and area of interest, I got added to the VWO Backend Engineering Team reporting to Mr. Shubham Sharma. That day, I didn’t only get a manager, but also a mentor who guided me at every step.

Work-Life and Events

During the starting days of my internship, I faced difficulty in understanding the codebase and setting things up. But gradually, I got a good grasp of the architecture and tools with the assistance of my manager and team. Everyone here is so friendly and always ready to help. Meanwhile, I got a chance to interact with other interns as well. It was fun being with them.

Our Wingify Team arranges many fun events to keep us cheerful. I took part in almost all of them, XD. 

  • The first event I witnessed was Valentine’s Day celebration (by the way many people were on leave that day 😉 ). I remember there was a task, which the organizing team was giving by choosing random people. I was startled when a finger was pointed at me, yes, yes I was selected for the next task. I felt so shy at first, as I had joined just 10 days back. The atmosphere was light, and everyone was cheering, so it gave me a good feeling. It was a fun event though.
  • The next big event was Wingify Hackathon 2020. At first, I was reluctant to participate, as I couldn’t compete among senior developers, having so much experience and expertise. But Shubham sir, motivated me to participate and learn something new. So I made a team of Interns and participated. It was a 20-hour hackathon event. That day was quite remarkable. We did brainstorming and jot down some ideas. Also, we explored various technologies that were entirely new for us and started working on it. When we got exhausted with the work, I played table-tennis for some time with our seniors. After that, we were served delicious dishes at dinner. The atmosphere around us was very lively. There were good music systems as well. Everyone was enjoying and working on their projects. It was around 2 am when our project started to take its final shape, the organizers ordered pizza for us. It was refreshing to be met with such hospitality. After completing our project, we played FIFA on Play Station in the morning. Overall the event was filled with excitement, and not to forget findings and learnings while making our project. And obviously, we didn’t win. 😛

Work From Home

So life at Wingify was going amazing, and then COVID-19 happened. Our CEO Mr. Sparsh Gupta, understanding the seriousness of the issue, declared a mandatory Work From Home since the 1st confirmed case was declared in Delhi. After the Corona Outbreak, there was not much difference in our working culture and productivity. Only our way of interaction has changed from physical to virtual. Moreover, Team Funanza arranges at least one fun event per week (like Yoga/Zumba sessions, Tambola, Ludo, and what not), to keep us motivated and exuberant in these tough times. CTF (Capture The Flag – cybersecurity event) was also held. I was a first-timer in this, so I couldn’t solve many questions but it was really a good event. I learned some things from this event as well.

It’s been a pleasure to be at Wingify 🙂

My manager, Shubham sir, has been very helpful and understanding. He is always there to help me out whenever I face any difficulty. He even replies to my messages at odd times of the day. He’s my constant source of motivation. It’s like a record, that if I am stuck somewhere in a task, and he says to explore more, then 90% of the time, I can solve my problem on my own. I was given the chance to use my knowledge in writing codes and suggest changes. During this period, I got to know other senior developers (Pranav sir, Gautam sir, and many others) as well, it has always been a learning experience talking to them.

Wingify takes good care of all its employees, with unlimited snacks (had to mention :P), delicious lunch, fun activities, and last but not the least all technological requirements. It provides a good work-life balance. I have learned a lot from this internship opportunity, and I am proud to be called a happy Wingtern!!

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