*drumroll* We have a *neeew* office in Pune!

November 2, 2016

So this Diwali, we moved to a new office in Pune.

It is big.

It is airy.

It overlooks a good patch of green.

Yes, you can see cows grazing.

Don’t mean to boast, but three times a day, you can spot and hear the sweet melody of a beautiful blue train snaking through the terminal right behind.

Ofcourse, we plan to convert it to a mini forest.

Pets are allowed? Why? That’s not even a question! 

Yes, it has a balcony. 

TT table now travels with us, wherever we go. 

Oh, the huge white wall? Let’s just say we HAD to make a Friday Movie Club just because. 

So yeah, we had our Diwali party in this space and let’s just say we were overboard with happiness


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