Diwali Mela 2016 – Grand celebrations at Wingify Delhi

October 31, 2016

Wingify Diwali celebrations 2016 this time were fun and splendid. The artsy décor, on the theme of the mela was an instant hit with everyone. So were the arrangements for food and snacks. Though there weren’t too many games this time, unlike the last Diwali, everyone participated and had a fun time. The pictures tell rest of the story of an artsy décor, chatori gali, and some crazy games. 

Food and snacks were truly Indian (with the exception of pasta) and totally yum. Mouthwatering street food – golgappas, samosa chat, papri chat and more, kept everyone going back for more. 

The enthusiasm that everyone showed to participate in the games was commendable. Whether it was TT relay, Bucket Race, or Jingles, people gave their best shot. 

 Taking forward the values that Wingify appreciates, we decided on giving the ‘gift of reading’ to all with a Kindle and the book ‘Beginning of Infinity’. Sparsh handed over the gifts to everyone, personally. We’ve captured some smiling faces receiving their gifts.

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