Wingify Sales team soaring above the clouds

September 16, 2016

Our Sales team at Wingify has a certain affinity towards making the ‘not so happening locations’ memorable and worthwhile. This time it was Lansdowne’s turn!! Now, one would think, what could they do at a small, quaint place like Lansdowne? Our answer- A lot! Yeah, it sounds a bit rhetorical but that’s what we did.

The journey started with minimalistic planning
and hasty procurement of trip essentials (yes, that includes the booze 😉 ).
While most of our teammates are usually inclined towards driving their own cars,
we hired a bus for this one. Surprisingly, everyone was on time to reach the
boarding point and we kicked off at the scheduled time (5AM – still better than
4AM for the Corbett trip). Our resident DJ’s Anmol and Rohit (with the
equipment brought in by Himanshu and Arjun) did not let a single second pass by
without an interesting track playing in the background. With all the music
playing around, not everyone could forget the tiring week which went by before
the trip and this gave Shashankh and his new (smart)phone the opportunity to
click selfies with unsuspecting sleepy heads.

However, all the fatigue vanished the moment we
entered the hills. The view was simply mesmerizing with the clouds floating
amongst the pines and occasionally drifting on the road alongside the bus. None
of us remembered to check our phones for signals once we reached the resort.
Well, that’s particularly because the resort is built near an army camp and
there is hardly any network coverage in the area but with a view like that, no
one really cared. Everyone checked in to the rooms and relaxed for a bit. The
rest of the day was spent in exploring the resort grounds and clicking pictures
(which was the only thing our phones could do there

As the dusk approached, we
got to what we do best – DRINK! Not to miss the amazing ability to create
clouds within a room, our hookah experts – Kushal, Rohit and Varunesh huddled
up to concoct their own recipes on the only hookah we had. But this time too
many cooks did not spoil the broth(hookah)! Nobody kept a track of time amidst
the endless conversations and an occasional clink of bottles being knocked down
by Deepak, Himanshu and Aayushi 😀 .

We had no clue what to do the
next day (yeah the trip was planned on a short notice) and suddenly Vibhuti
came up with the idea of going for a small trek/walk for as long as we could
walk. The team that treks together stays together! I will let pictures do the

After the short but tiring
trek, all of us were in for some pampering at the Spa in the resort. Deepak
made the most out of the Jacuzzi but sadly enough we couldn’t get a picture of
him enjoying the bubble bath which surely reminded us of the Lux ads aired in
the 90’s. The Spa is located at an immensely beautiful point. Again a picture
is worth a thousand words:

We left for Delhi next
morning, taking beautiful memories, learnings and motivation to do better-
every day!

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    Vivek Mishra
    November 3, 2016 at 9:55 am

    Pictures look cool!!! 🙂

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