Wingify Sports Day 2016!

"Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honourably, loose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble." And, Wingify Sports Day held on 22nd January 2016, was the opportunity to demonstrate just that. Here is a sneak peek into all the fun and fervour.

Wingify's annual vacation in Malaysia!

Most of us weren’t quite acquainted with the place before, but now that we’ve been there, Langkawi has turned out to be a cherished experience. Some laid-back time spent in the company of beautiful beaches, bountiful beer, and fresh sea-food gave us long-lasting jolts of pleasure. Here’s a throwback from the trip gone by, in pictures.

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The Diwali Dhamaal 2015!

Wingify Diwali celebration 2015 was in every way a blockbuster with the tough-to-please crowd. Reason – there was something for everyone! Thanks to the constant teasers, everyone did turn up in ethnic.For those who missed out, here’s how the office space was done-up for Diwali.

The day began (late) with the usual pouring in of people around noon. Slowly, pouts and victory signs replaced hands pulling out laptops. The Diwali celebrations had begun…now was time for some Thunder Games.These games had 7 different teams competing against each other in various “2 minute” games – yes we were secretly celebrating Maggie’s comeback as well. And after a neck-to-neck competition, Team 4 (comprising of Ankit Jain,....etc.) managed a clear-cut victory :-)

A sumptuous lunch wasn’t enough for the hungry hearts at Wingify. Thankfully, there was an array of events lined up for the remaining day. Wingify's Got Talent was next in row with performances by our in-house singers like Ashesh, Aditi, Aanand, Jatin, Samrat, Hemkaran and Kanishk.While Rudi chose to do something completely different with his coding & music, Ashish entertained the audience with some Bollywood mimicry.Raman & Abhay rocked the stage with their rapping skills. Kush was awesome at beatboxing. Shilpa chose to shake a leg or two making it a completely masala packed show!

The monthly camp was next wherein Paras & Sparsh shared some company updates followed by announcing Vivek Kishore as the Hamster of the month. Sales Team put up an interesting presentation introducing their team and what each team member does.What made Wingifiers as well as Wingify Culture Guardians (WCG) smile a little more was that their participation was acknowledged and rewarded with gifts and vouchers. The camp ended with cake cutting and of course the customary beer!

 A fun-filled evening followed with Tambola and Poker. People ate more than their tummies would otherwise allow, as a tense atmosphere prevailed over who would get a full-house. Equally engrossed were those at the poker tables.Though rumours were out 4 days before celebrations, the Diwali gift this year was a slender and smart Fitbit. Also, we unveiled the first edition of our company handbook, The Wingify Ways, on this auspicious occasion.While some of us hit the in-house dance floor, post a happening and eventful day, others geared up for the special Hackathon planned for the night. We couldn't have asked for anything more to make it a memorable day!! Cheers to the Diwali Dhamaal 2015 & more fun to come...

Away From City Shor, In Serene Shoghi

An unheard terrain tucked in the hills of Shimla, Shoghi offered the best of weather, scenery, and food! And with Vatika Resorts situated in the middle of nowhere, we couldn’t have asked for a more solitary vacation. It turned out to be a splendid affair that lasted a little too short.

All this talk of scenery, but no orangey-glows in sight? Well, Vishnu couldn’t have let the sun set without capturing the evening halo.

And therapeutic peals of laughter never stopped pouring in. Samrat proved to be the one armoured with comebacks, which he tossed out instantly every single time an attempt was made to pull his leg. Right from teen patti to making those party packs with just the right (over)dose of alcohol, Snehal’s experience and wisdom guided us along, unfailingly. Rohit waited for his teen patti resurgence all day long, it never showed up. Meanwhile, Shivangi was the sole proprietor of all things cool. 

Nights were made unforgettable with bonfire and drinks. While booze turned some non-dancers into dancers, it made others go through-the-woods full on berserk (Ankita danced atop a tree! Too bad, we don’t have those pics to share)

Not the ones to keep freakery in check, Sushant, Nitin and Ankita were all up for some dare devilry (never mind the ice-cool expressions, it was daunting!)

And here is the customary family picture. “Take this yelling (sans the smile) as my plea, I don’t want to go back to work,” one didn’t comment.

Engineering Team's weekend getaway to Jim Corbett!

The Engineering Team at Wingify recently headed out to Jim Corbett for a weekend getaway. The 24 engineers had a great time poking fun at each other, playing dumb charades, showing off their moves in the form of ‘Nagin’ dance and generally chilling out in the serene resort.

The team went to the luxurious Ramganga Resort (don’t go by the name). They had a great time swimming and playing cricket, volleyball, badminton and football. It couldn't have gotten better with the scrumptious food and the picturesque view next to the Ramganga river. 

The highlight of the trip was Amit (our in-house product manager) who spent most of the time sleeping (read: alone). Srikant and Vivek scarred other engineers for life by breaking into a ‘Nagin’ dance while the resort staff refused to serve our talented team any more nimbu pani.

Good times to continue...

Because we're all proud Indians!

The office turned tri-color this Independence day with patriotic fervor in the air. Delicious biryani and other palatable Indian cuisines made the day more special. The evening saw some interesting events, nukkad natak staged by young artists and bollywood mimicry performances. Here are some pictures:

And yes, the impromptu after party:)

Happy Independence Day!

Jazz, good food and beer - It's Goa again!

It’s tranquil and laid back surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for long conversations. And great food, beer and good music work like icing on the cake. Yes, that's how we bond.

And did we tell you - we have a photography aficionado too!

Its almost been a fortnight since the Sales team came back from the holiday. Goa is still being missed:(