Customer happiness team's great jungle expedition!!

Wingify's customer happiness team headed to Jim Corbett for their summer offsite last weekend. It was one helluva experience, there’s something about un-manicured pathways and untrimmed bushes that puts you at ease. So what if they didn't spot a tiger.

A pool volley ball game is a sacred ritual at every team outing. And we kept the tradition up. Here are some pictures

Also the super challenging 4 obstacle course gave everyone a tough time. These expressions say it all!

A perfect escape, need I say more!

Wingify Engineers trek through Kheerganga and Malana this summer!

The engineering team backpacked through Kheerganga and Malana for their team offsite this summer. Malana has quite a distinct culture and is absolutely splendid. Here are a few pictures:

The team trekked Kheer Ganga which is a gruesome 5 hour long hike. The Parvati valley offered an amazing experience. While we started with a whole lot of excitement, the tough treks drained out energy. Here's the outcome:

Until next trip and next trek!

Wingify's 5th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Us! We can’t believe it, but we’re celebrating 5 years in business! WooHoo! 5 years is a SUPER long time and there was plenty to celebrate.

The celebrations began right at the office gate where a photo booth was set up!

The customary cake and champagne!

Some crazy pictures from the evening party!

The after-party continued at Paras' house. To your left is Rudi aka Maliaka Arora Khan and on the right is Sinha aka Shahrukh Khan. Remember Chaiya Chaiya?

The morning after!

Here’s to the next 5 years as we walk step in step!

Open source at Wingify

At Wingify, we believe in open source and actively seek opportunities to give back to the community. We make use of a lot of open source technologies and libraries in our day to day work. And to share back the love, we have open sourced quite a few things over the past.

Pravendra Singh, a hacker, recently went on to actually collect and visualize data about open source contributions of some of the leading startups in India.

Something really cool that came into picture from his infographics was that Wingify was leading other organizations in terms of the most starred repository - our Please.js. Moreover, we have three more of our repositories that made it to the top 10!

There are more such cool infographics in his blog post - Open Source Presence Infographic of Indian Startups.

We keep doing a lot of cool open source stuff and if you are into such things, don’t forget to follow us on github and on twitter.

Illusionists play tricks on Wingifians at January camp!

The first camp of the year was unusual. Interesting company updates were followed by birthday celebrations. Here's the cake and the birthday boy, our brand ambassadors!

Its tough to surprise our witty engineers. I'm sure the illusionists, Sumit Kharbanda and Rajeev Kharbanda, would agree. The evening saw the illusionists perform interesting card tricks, mind-reading acts, drawing duplication and psycho kinetic touch that blew away our minds. 

The evening came to an end with beer and soul food.

Wingifians ring in the New Year with awesome Thailand vacation!

The Wingify team this year flew to Thailand's pristine Krabi islands for the annual company trip. From gorging on scrumptious sea food to soaking in the scenic beauty to island hopping to snorkelling in the azure blue ocean water, every bit of the holiday was memorable in its unique way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we would let the pictures speak!

We're happy and we know it!

Exercising the brains and displaying teamwork in a fun team activity at the beach:)

The scenic beauty!