Wingify celebrates at Soi 7!

There were numerous reasons for celebrating this month - the primary, a blockbuster sales number. This surely called for a party and so a fun filled evening was planned at Soi 7 to mark this new record. Snapshots from the evening!

The sane evening at the office that preceded this insanity - company updates, the customary hamster of the month and the colorful birthday cake.

We loved it all!

Wingify at The Fifth Elephant

This blog post is written by Vaidik Kapoor, Systems Engineer at Wingify.

The Fifth Elephant is a popular conference around the Big Data ecosystem in India. It happened last week in Bangalore. And we were proud to sponsor the conference. To represent Wingify at the event, Ankit, Varun and I attended the event. This blog post is an account of what we did at the event and what we learned by sponsoring, attending and being present at the conference as an organization.

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Yet another Friday camp! You know what that means.

The Friday camp this time was kind of greater, particularly for two reasons Paras's birthday celebrations and Tejaswi's unanticipated thanksgiving speech that lasted a few hours. While Deswal was proclaimed the Hamster of the Month, sales team had surprises for Ankit, Harinder, Kamal and themselves. Here are a few pictures from the camp.

The evening got increasingly interesting as we made a headway for Paras's birthday bash planned at a nearby resto bar. Well, you know what that means! Getting sloshed and dancing like no one's watching!

Summers at Wingify is all about cool team off-sites!

The sales offsite began with snacks and booze (lots and lots and lots of it). The trip had everything to make it legen-wait for it-daaarry: laughter, liquor, food, gambling (teen patti), trekking, bakkar and no sleep. First stop on the journey was Palampur, this scenic location had blissful weather. Sightseeing of small town and dumb charades were the highlight of the place. 

Mcleodgunj meant long walks in mountains, failed trekking excursions to Bhagsu water fall and awesome teen-patti night where everyone lost J with lots of laughter.

At Wingify, we sure know how to party and party hard.


Wingify turns 4 years old today!!

Wingify turns 4 today! This is a happy occasion for us all, but much significant is the fact that we're evolving everyday, are 50 strong and have 3700+ happy customers around the world. To have a sense of how we've grown, I dug up some old posts that mark important milestones in our history - hitting 1500+ customers, 2000 happy customers2500+ customer milestone. We've been shifting offices every year all these 4 years, here's a peek into how we've transitioned.

As we celebrate Wingify's 4th birthday, we continue to work hard to evolve VWO and make it as simple as possible for marketing professionals to increase sales and conversions on their websites.

2 days of strategy, adventure and teamwork!!

The Support team went to The Kikar Lodge, a forest resort situated in the foothills of the Shivaliks for the offsite. The weather at the resort offered a perfect escape from the hot summers while the adventure activities pushed everyone to their limits. Here are some pictures from the water polo match on Day 1.

The team underwent an adrenalin rush as the adventure activities on Day 2 unfolded, the first being a zip line tour 1500 mts above the forest canopy. The team then in pairs went tumbling down the forest lane in a Zorb followed by quad biking across the forest track.

Horse-riding, football matches and beer, the offsite was a real retreat!

Cuddly hamster was the big cheese at the April Camp!

While the toothsome pineapple blueberry, lemon cream cheese and buttersctoch chocolate flavored cake had us all licking our fingers, we couldn't take our eyes off the plush hamster Paras bought to surprise us all. Who created this little marvel, is still a mystery. 

Meet Chukkie, the newest to be inducted in the family!